Did you know you can receive your Nexion reports automatically via email?

You can stay in touch with your cash flow by having Nexion deliver your reports to you via email.

Get your Receipt Book Report and/or your Bank Recon Report sent to you automatically at no extra cost. Nexion report subscription facility allows you to schedule automated emails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

To add a report subscription simply click on “Add” under “Generate Reports” from the main screen.



Did You Know that Nexion allows you to reserve funds on a patient’s credit card at no charge?

You can process a payment against the reserved funds up to 8 days after Pre-authorization without the need for a cardholder to be present.

Click on the “Obtain Pre-Authorization” button on Nexion to reserve funds.


For assistance with pre-authorizations or additional training, contact 0861NEXION (639 466)

Link to our on-line Nexion user manual:  http://www.nexion.co.za/resource/obtaining-pre-auth/

Did You Know that on Nexion You can also manage your Cash and EFT receipts at NO EXTRA COST?

Receipt all your incoming payments through Nexion, not just credit cards, and use Nexion reports to reconcile to your billing system and your bank account within minutes.

Clink here for a demonstration of how we add efficiency to your practice http://www.nexion.co.za/#home-diagram

For assistance with Cash/EFT Transactions or additional training, contact 0861NEXION (639-466) or visit: Processing Transactions