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Nexion payment links now give patients the option to apply for Instant Finance to settle their bill with you.

  • You get paid in full the next day.
  • Patient can select over how many months they would like to spread the repayment.
  • Confidential online application with Medifin.
  • Patient only need their Identity Number and access to their latest 3-month bank statement.
  • The practice is not involved with the application or the repayment after approval.
  • Available on payment link value R1,000 to R15,000.

Send a payment link to your patient to apply online.

Here is how to send a payment link https://www.nexion.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Web-Link-Standalone-User-Guide-FINAL-v20210312.pdf

When can a patient apply for Instant Finance:

  • Medical aid shortfall
  • When their account is overdue
  • Co-payment required
  • Cash patient
  • When their bill is between R1,000 and R15,000

When the patient is approved and accepts the quote:

  • You will receive an email notification.
  • Funds will be paid to the practice to settle the patients’ bill.
  • Transaction will appear on your Nexion reports under the Card tab.

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