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Receipts and Reports

Nexion creates a different receipt for each transaction type i.e. Card, Cash, Cheque, Medical Aid, EFT, Pre Authorization, Refunds and Debit Orders. These receipts replace all your manual processes and are captured onto your Nexion reports for ease of reconciliation.

Your Nexion receipts are preconfigured to your specification prior to installation. Should your receipt information, change please contact the Nexion Technical Help Desk to arrange an update on 0861 NEXION (639 466)

Nexion generates a receipt on completion of a successful transaction, and (optionally) a receipt for a declined transaction. A declined transaction means that the payment was not processed successfully and that no funds were/or will be received.

Nexion reports are generated by specifying required criteria such as the date range and can be further narrowed using optional criteria. Report Types Nexion provides you with 4 reports:

A. Submission Report – Balance to debtor/practice management system

B. Bank Reconciliation Report – Balance to bank accounts

C. Pre – Authorization Report

D. Cash Deposit Detail Report