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Gain complete control of your cash flow.

Replace your regular credit card facility with a comprehensive cash-flow management tool.

Nexion receipts all your payments – not just card transactions,
provides innovative tools to optimize cash flow,
and generates detailed reports,
making reconciliation effortless and efficient.

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You take care of your patients. We’ll sort out your cashflow.

Receipting payments, reconciling accounts… practice admin can be time-consuming and tedious. But Nexion’s cashflow software solves and simplifies, so you can focus on the things that matter most.


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Monitor your clients receipting remotely in real time - boost your bureau's productivity.

Nexion’s software automatically keeps tabs on a client’s cashflow, in real time. Less waiting. No more credit card processing. A minimum of fuss. Which frees you up to focus on your business.

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Practice Manager
Smart, automated receipting and paperless reconciliation - Meet your new Office Assistant.

Welcome to the age of super-efficiency. With Nexion’s software, there’s no need for manual processing or admin duplication. Because it’s a single, integrated system, just a click does the trick.

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Nexion replaces complex manual processes with efficient simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What transactions can Nexion process and receipt?

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Diners, RCS, EDCON
Online: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Select Debit Cards
Mobile: Zapper, Snapscan, Masterpass & Payflex
Debit Cards: Electron & Maestro
Cashier: Cash and Cheque
Incoming EFT: Medical aid and Client EFT’s
Debit Order: All South African Banks

What billing systems is Nexion integrated with?

Nexion is currently integrated with:
Healthfocus Eminance

What does integration with Nexion mean?

Integration means that Nexion is embedded into your billing system are linked which eliminates duplication in processes in taking payments and posting transactions:
Nexion  received amount, client file number and receipt number from billing system for printing on receipt. Amount does not need to be entered onto card terminal. Successfully completed transactions automatically post to clients account allocation

Does Nexion require me to change my bank?

You do not need to change your bank relationship; Nexion is bank neutral. Card and debit order transactions will be deposited into your account with any South African bank.

Nexion will however replace your current card facility and Card terminal with one provided and supported by Nexion.


How can Nexion benefit my practice? 

  1. Nexion, can capture all major Credit and Debit Cards.
  2. Replaces manual processes and eliminating the potential for errors and fraud.
  3. Nexion provides you with full reporting on all cash flow movements that reconcile back to your Practice management system and bank statement.
  4. Get access to historical, current and future transaction details.

How does a Nexion payment work on an instalments basis?

This facility is part of our Stop Order facility and is popular in practices that have debt. Your patient has the option of making monthly instalments on an amount due to the practice. At your discretion, you decide on the number of instalments (a maximum of 18 months is allowed.  The patient can nominate a convenient day in the month that payment will be collected. If the payment is rejected, you will be notified immediately. Nexion does not guarantee Stop Order transactions.

What transactions can Nexion process and receipt?

Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Diners, RCS, EDCON
Mobile: Zapper, Snapscan & Masterpass
Online: Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Diners
Debit Cards: Electron & Maestro
Cashier: Cash and Cheque
Incoming EFT: Medical aid and Client EFT’s
Stop Order: ALL South African Banks

How is the Nexion different from the card terminal provided by my bank?

  1. Nexion receipts all your transactions – EFT, Medical Aid, Cash AND Card (not just card), eliminating the need for manual receipt books. Your Bank is providing you with a card terminal that only processes cards.
  2. Nexion is integrated with your practice management/Billing system  (as well as the 5 biggest equivalent systems in South Africa)
    Your bank terminal is not integrated – and requires duplicate keying of data by your receptionist.
  3. Nexion keeps track of cash in your till and your deposits.
    Your bank terminal does not deal with cash.
  4. Nexion ensures that card refunds are only made to the original card used, and are cross referenced to mitigate fraud. 
    Your bank terminal allows refunds to any cards irrespective, a source of fraud in many practices.
  5. Nexion receipts EFT payments to your bank account – capturing Unidentified EFT’s as well as Medical Aid Payments
    Your bank terminal does not deal with EFT payments
  6. Nexion detailed reporting provides you with the necessary checks and balances to ensure your cash flow is secure and accounted for
    Your bank terminal does not provide any reporting.
  7. Nexion does not require a phone line – uses your existing ADSL. 
    Your bank will require either a phone line or a Cellular connection with the associated cost per transaction.
  8. Nexion Allows you to check availability of funds on card and hold funds on card for 7 days (at no charge)
    Your bank terminal does not have this facility.
  9. Nexion provides you with Debit order facility that allows you to offer your clients a payment over time option
    Your bank terminal provides no debt recovery option.
  10. Nexion can offer you RCS and EDCON cards Your bank terminal only offers bank issued cards.
  11. Nexion reconciles bank payments from Visa/MC/ Amex/ Diners and administers all chargebacks providing your staff with a one call service for all queries. Your bank terminals will require you to call the relevant party for service.
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