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You take care of your patients. We’ll sort out your cashflow.

Nexion’s ‘digital receipt book’ has been designed specifically for medical practitioners. It’s simple, secure and saves time – no matter how you receive patient payments. You’ll be able to automatically reconcile the accounts settled at your practice as well as those paid directly into your bank. Only Nexion gives you a real-time, anytime snapshot of your practice’s cashflow. The integrated software also includes tools to improve, enhance and streamline cashflow on-the-go. Nexion knows how.

The benefits at a glance:

  • An efficient way to work:  There’s no need for manual receipting  and time-consuming admin duplication.
    Nexion eliminates multiple manual tasks by automatically receipting through a single system. What used to require hours of red-pen cross-referencing to reconcile can now take just minutes. Things like unidentified EFTs and lump-sum medical aid payments can be instantly and effortlessly decoded. You’ll also be able to cut down on printing and posting.
  • You’re in control: Reduce human error, third-party mistakes, and potential fraud.
    Forget those manual spreadsheets, and bulging concertina files! Nexion can integrate into any existing billing system, instantly posting receipts to the correct patients account. Now any discrepancies can be identified in an instant. It’s a tricky subject, but fraud is also a real concern in medical practices – something Nexion is designed to eliminate.
  • There’s total transparency: Access important data, in real-time, from anywhere.
    With Nexion, you can check the funds receipted in your practice, the funds deposited in your bank account, and – if you have multiple pay-points – how much cash is in each of your tills. Because Nexion is a cloud-based software system, all this can be viewed even when you’re not at work.
  • As safe as a vault: Receipts and refunds only go to the people they’re meant to.
    With Nexion, any refund you may need to make is automatically referenced. These payments can also only be made to the card used for the original transaction. So there’s no chance of a costly mistake. As for patient receipts, Nexion’s are totally secure – they can’t be edited or changed.
  • A no-risk trial:  Experience the Nexion difference for three months, no pressure.
    Practices across South Africa are already using Nexion. You and your staff will also be comprehensively trained on how it works – a surprisingly easy process. But if, after three months, you still aren’t convinced, we’ll end the contract with no further obligation. If you have any immediate questions, though, please call!
  • Optimize cash flow:  innovative additional tools to secure patient payments
    Nexion allows you to be more flexible and accept store cards used by Edgars or RCS not just bank issued making it easier for your patients to pay you on time.
  • Proactive tools minimise debt: Reduce human error, and avoid having to chase late-payers.
    Nexion’s pre-authorisation option makes it possible for you to reserve funds on a credit card, for later collection. Our software also allows you to arrange debit orders, so patients can pay off accounts over an agreed time. Any refunds can be seamlessly issued – and can only be sent to the card that originally made payment.


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Simplicity and efficiency of receipting and reconciling with Nexion.

Funds paid in practice

Credit & debit cards Cash & cheque

Funds paid into bank account

Medical aid EFT

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Here's how Nexion Simplifies your life:


Nexion automatically records and receipts all patient payments.

For medical practitioners, these payments invariably happen in two very different ways:

  1. Accounts can be settled at your practice through cash, cheque, or credit card. Here, receipts are issued before the money is reflected in your bank account.
  2. Deposits can be made directly into your bank account via EFT, a medical aid, or debt collection. In these cases, money is received before the receipts are issued.

Nexion’s solution makes monitoring these payments as easy as pushing a button. You can view  real-time totals of what’s been posted to your billing system, or what’s been deposited in your bank account, within any date range.  Also in real-time: exactly what should be in your till, wherever you are whenever you need to


Track what’s in your practice billing system and in your bank account.

Traditionally, reconciling payments hasn’t been a straightforward process. Receipted transactions don’t appear in your bank account straight away. And, conversely, money received in your bank account isn’t receipted immediately. The time difference between receiving and receipting leaves too much opportunity for error.

But Nexion is your electronic receipt book. It records everything in real-time, each receipt date and deposit date. Receipted transactions can now be easily verified against the balance of your bank account. Similarly, funds deposited into your bank account can be  checked on your practice billing system. This way  discrepancies are instantaneously identified using Nexion reports (in real-time, or across a given date range).

  1. Receipt Submission Reports: your electronic receipt book should reflect and match the totals on your billing system.
  2. Bank Account Recon Reports, for monies paid directly into your bank account (stop orders, medical aid, EFT, and debt collection). These should reflect and match your bank statement.
  3. Current Till Content shows what should be in your till at any time.
  4. Cash Deposit History electronically captures every cash or check deposit, and should reflect and match your deposit records in your bank account.

While the software may often track complex transactions, the user experience is always a simple one.


Nexion also provides you with practical tools to optimise cashflow. You’ll be able to give your patients additional options for settling their accounts with you.

  1. Arrange debit orders with your patients or clients to pay off accounts over an agreed time.
  2. Get pre-authorisation for selected transactions, allowing you to reserve funds on a client’s card for later collection.
  3. Arrange card payments over the phone
  4. Accept store cards used by Edgars or RCS not just bank issued cards like MC Visa Amercan express and Diners

Nexion’s card interface will replace any existing credit card machines you may currently have (all major cards are accepted). That’s particularly useful in practices with more than one doctor – no need for multiple devices.

Technical Specs:

Minimum Computer Requirements for Nexion

Operating System


Windows Vista & 7 – Min Ram: 1GM, PentieumD Dual Core & Up
Windows 8 & 8.1 – Min Ram: 2GB, PentieumD Dual Core & Up


OS X Leopard and higher (Parallels required to run windows) – Min Ram: 2G, Intel i3 & Up

Additional Requirements

– ADSL: Uncapped min 2 MB
– Serial Port for card terminal OR USB with RS232 Converter
– USB Port – receipt printer
– Printer (Reports) A4 Standard format
– Thermal Printer (Receipts) Posiflex or Partner
– Ethernet Port (Terminal server environment only)
– Cash Drawer – Posiflex CR4100 serial (Optional)
– 3 Powerpoints

At first I thought Nexion was just a premium credit card system but after using it for a couple of months I watched it completely transform my business’ – Doctor, Cape Town

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Nexion has been designed to seamlessly integrate into your work environment, whatever your role.

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