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Nexion Pricing Structure

Highly affordable and easy-to-use, Nexion cash flow management software is designed specifically for service providers. Nexion eliminates the need for manual receipting and provides reporting processes to simplify bank statement recons. The Nexion solution empowers you to proactively manage their cash flow by enabling acceptance of all payment types while reducing administration tasks required. In addition Nexion provides tools to maximize cash flow. Nexion works with trustworthy, best-of-breed partners to deliver on its promise to exceed customer expectations. Nexion offers a three month trial period – If you do not experience significant efficiencies, cancel with no further obligation.

Benefits Nexion provides to Medical Practice

  • Administrative Simplicity: One easy to train system for receipting all transaction types. Dedicated Ad-Hoc reports to reconcile
  1. Your debtor system,
  2. Bank and
  3. Till.
  • Office Efficiency: Eliminate time consuming manual procedures when (a) receipting funds and (b) reconciling debtor system to Bank account(s).
  • Cash Flow Control: Provide effective checks and balances to mitigate fraud and provide early (real time) detection of discrepancies.
  • Cash flow Transparency: Dynamic reporting tools provide transparency (across geographies) into all components of cash flow without the need to review spreadsheets and manual receipting tools.
  • Cash flow Maximization: Provide proactive tools such as
  1. pre-authorization on cards and
  2. Debit orders over time to accelerate cash flow.
  • Flexibility: Nexion can be configured to match the needs of complex organizational structures (multiple locations/ Bank accounts/ Bureau involvement).


Category Description Frequency Amount Calculation
Registration Registration Fee Once Off 1,000.00 Per Client
License Primary License (Terminal Incl) Monthly 450.00 Per Receipt Book or Card Terminal /Which ever is more
3D Secure License Only Monthly 450.00 Per Receipt book
Secondary License (No Terminal) Monthly (optional) 300.00 2 Additional computers Installed
Transaction Cash & Cheque Successful transaction 0.00% Based on transaction value
EFT & Medical Aid Successful transaction 0.00% Based on transaction value
Direct Debit Successful transaction 2.50% Based on transaction value
MasterCard/ Visa Successful transaction 3.25% Based on transaction value
Maestro/ Visa Electron Successful transaction 3.00% Based on transaction value
American Express/ Diners /3D Secure Successful transaction 5.00% Based on transaction value
3D Secure MasterCard/ Visa Successful transaction 3.50% Based on transaction value
3D Secure American Express/ Diners Successful transaction 5.25% Based on transaction value
RCS & Edcon Successful transaction Varies Based on transaction value
Min. transaction Fee Monthly Max R400 R400 minus actual transaction Fee per calendar month. Waived 6 months.

(Costs are ex VAT, includes Card terminal, support training and connectivity using ADSL).Download to Print

Hardware Requirements

  • PC running windows XP (or above) or Mac running virtual windows 7 with internet access of 512KB or above.
  • Thermal printer Cost R 2,500.00 ex VAT – paid over three months.
  • Cash Drawer (Optional) Cost R 2,000.00 ex VAT.


Nexion is a registered financial services provider, in order to activate Nexion we will need the Nexion registration documents completed, agreements signed and the necessary documents to comply with FSB FICA requirements.

To arrange a DEMO of Nexion – please call us on 0861-NEXION (639466) – or visit us at www.Nexion.co.za

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