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Did you know Nexion reports can make your month end a breeze?

Make month end a breeze with Nexion Reports!

Eliminate complex spreadsheets, manual tasks and reconcile your bank statements to your billing system in two easy steps.

(1) Compare your Nexion Receipt Submission Report to the Transaction Report from your Billing System – to check that receipted funds are correctly recorded on your billing system.

(2) Compare your Nexion Bank Recon Report to your Bank Statement to ensure that all deposited funds have been receipted.

Nexion will identify discrepancies at the click of a button saving you hours at the end of each month, and give you peace of mind that your billing system and bank account balance.

Click The Nexion Difference for an animated demo of how Nexion simplifies your reconciliation task.                  

For assistance with “Nexion Reports” or require any additional training please contact us on 0861NEXION (639 466).


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